Hey you! I’m Oona, and I’m writing this blog to inspire and connect with other skincare and health enthusiasts who struggle with issues like acne and low self-esteem.

There is so much we can do to improve our quality of life and feel awesome, and I’m going to help you do just that!

Join me in this journey and let’s become healthy and glowy together 🙂

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Having pore problems? Enlarged pores can be annoying as hell, and although many claim that their size is purely a matter of genetics, there are things we can do.

Check out my guide for finding the perfect pore reducing product for your skin! 


If you want to read about my horrible experience with eczema check out this post. It’s pure gold if you ask me (well, as much as a horror story can be). I’ve also written about the most popular silicone-based foundations, if you’re in the need for something new for this year.